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  1. it means that you might not want me too come to ur job....and by "job" i ment that i think ur job is weird
  2. eh??? i dont get what you mean???? rephrase it ojou-chan
  3. know cause i might look you up and you might not want me to come to ur "job"
  4. bank of america downtown, proof reading, encoding checks... blah blah, why would i lie about my work? should i say im the president of the united states?
  5. cool.....hey where do u work??and dont lie
  6. nah, im at home, working on the story im writing, since i like to be a writer someday, and i usually post it here in the fanfic section, i have the day off at work so im working on my story
  7. oh r u in school??and whats ur story??
  8. haha, u didnt have to explain urself, i was bored, so i said something like that, just working on my story that im writing so i check back here often and blah blah
  9. cool cool cool!!!and no ii wouldnt be caught dead saying the word cool...i just like 2 type an o 2 times....and yah i
  10. filipino... u like to say cool a lot dont ya??? arent u at school?
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