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  1. but it's better than getting just a set wage...sometimes you get more sometimes you get less...just like life
  2. yah i no what u mean
  3. lol yeah I know how that goes...a girl I work with got nothing for 4 or 5 orders in a row...sometimes it just doesn't pay off
  4. yah me 2 i answered 4 orders and have only $13.00
  5. Oh my my ^_^ Happy Birthday ahead of time hope you get enough money to go
  6. yah^^my birthdays coming up and im collecting money so i can pay 2 go 2 wild waves
  7. well that's good to hear ^_^ I'm glad life is good ^_^ so your ready for summer then? ^_^
  8. thanks 4 hopeing^^it just got better^^life is good^^getting ready for a nice and long summer
  9. awww...I'm sorry your back is hurting you...hope it gets better soon ^_^ so how is life?
  10. im doing good i just gave like every one i no the stomach flu and my back has been tottally killing me lately!
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