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  1. lol nothing much...getting my health in order so I can continue in college and not kill myself how about you? How are you doing?
  2. hey long tyme no type(lolz)^^whats craking??!!
  3. I've tried...she doesn't want to she says...she says we can't be friends with everything we've been through...
  4. oh wow....thats bad me and my x r stiill like friends.....why dont u try 2 b her friend??
  5. idk if she even cares...I haven't talked to her...and she doesn't talk to me or anything...
  6. does she no u miss her ?
  7. thanks...well I'm just going through a lonely depression...I'm not always like this...I miss hanging out with someone I can talk to...and not just chat...I mean actually talk to about stuff that's bothering me or talk about things we could do together...guess I just miss my gf in other words...
  8. omg thats great i love people who r quiet by nature!!!!! sorry............anyway i think you will find someone who really likes u probly tons of people alredy do there just scared 2 tell u how they feel
  9. true...but idk if I'll find someone around me close anytime soon...I'm shy and don't go around actually looking for they have to find me and that hasn't happened yet...probably because I'm a quiet person by nature...
  10. haha u said mabe so that means no.....kinda but im sure u no soommmeeeone that lives around i wouldnt recommend inernet relations of long distance cause theres no phisaical contact
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