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  1. nobody around here has caught my interest or is single...and there isn't anyone online that I know enough to where I would date them online...yet...and plus...long distance just doesn't work for me most of the was at one point but that person dumped yeah...I'm sure I'll be fine...maybe
  2. well m,aby u will find someone u like better then her ur 1 tttrrruuueee love^^ really sorry.....u like anyone else??
  3. I'm just sad...I really liked her a lot...nothing I can do though....she broke up with me and there isn't anything I can do now....
  4. wow thats greaz.........r u sad do u hate her what r ur oppinions on this??
  5. well there is a new development with the gf...we're not going to get back together like planned She changed her mind and wants the break up to be permanent idk y...
  6. awww so sad so why would she break up with u if ur just gonna get make 2 gether (if i may ask).....and thanx haha the test was impossible.....and schools cool so many things 2 do so many things to see!!^^hehe
  7. I'm gf broke up with me the other day because she has a lot to do in her life and can't faithfully concentrate on a relationship so I'm just a little sad...but oh well...she just needs to take care of a few things and we'll be right back to being happy again ^_^ and congrats on passing ^_^ how is school and life going for you now except being sick and all?...which is unfortunate and I'm sorry that you are sick
  8. i passed!!!! im fine im a bit sick but im hangin in r u????
  9. yes indeed it has been a long time ^_^ how was that test you were going to take a while back? and how are you?
  10. hello long time no type^^ !!
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