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  1. yep ^_^ so your in high school? what grade? I'm a freshmen in college
  2. yah mine 2 but the buildings r out side .
  3. wow that kinda sucks...all my classes are inside I have to walk from building to building but that's it
  4. school.............its real gloomy and its hella cold but i always where my coat inside when its cold cause some of my classes i got 2 get there are outside
  5. lol nice ^_^ so why ya so tired? work to hard? XP how's the weather there?
  6. oh well i like hack so i used my e mail and then aded shugo
  7. lol well I'm bipolar and my other name is Aio and it's #1 so how about you?
  8. im kinda tired...........hawed u come up wit ur user name?
  9. Nice to meet you kim ^_^ I'm Coty ^_^ of course we can be friends ^_^ how are you?
  10. hellohellohello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im kim wanna b ffffrrrrriiiiiiieeeeennnnnnndddddssssss???????
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