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  1. yea i was. why were you there to????????????????????????/
  2. Hey Marco, I think I've seen you around. Weren't you in Saturday school two weeks ago?
  3. so your name is dale harrison nice to meet you im also andrews friend my name is marco. well bro i got to go but ill get back you some other time laters
  4. My name's Dale. I'mm one of Andreas' friends........
  5. well then do you mind telling me what your name is and then ill tell you mine?
  6. Dude, that's pretty cool. I actually live in Hatch!
  7. yea i live close to hatch but i live in salem? do you live close to hatch?
  8. Hey, sup man. I saw in the swine flu thread you live in New Mexico. Same here. You live anywhere near Hatch?
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