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  1. Same as mines, I'm always tired. I never get the right amount of sleep. lol.. Ohh what do you do when you work?
  2. It was Ok ............a bit tiring but not to bad
  3. -bows- Thank you thank you! I appreciate all the support! I really need it..really..I don't want to go to summer school..I've never been there..I don't wan to start know? So, how was your day?
  4. I am sorry I now how that gos, I hate geometry lol This sound like a good time to intro my motto. Ride Fast Line Free & Stay Strong
  5. Not so well..I need major tutoring in Geometry..and I'm just stressing about a lot of things..It's really bringing me down, since I worry about others instead of myself...
  6. Thanks I think we will be =p I am good . How about you?
  7. Thank you for sending me the friend request! -bows- Welcome to AO! May we be great friends, if you like, -smiles bowing again- How are you?
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