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  1. Oh! Awesome! Sounds like fun!! I've been good thanks just been hanging out with my bf and going with him this weekend to watch him get a few tattos done. ^^ I can't wait for prom its in April! ^_^
  2. Hey!! ya not a lot you know just work oh I have been doing some skiing!!! so how you been what you been doing??
  3. Hey long time no chat how have you been anything new going on with you lately?.? ^_^
  4. I have been very good thx. ^_^ I get to hangout with my bf Roger this weekend Friday he is sleeping over and Saturday him and I are visiting my brother! ^_^ I can't for them to meet each other!

    Yeah, I have to with school and hanging out with friends and chorse. The only time I get on here is during school during study hall. lol.

    So how have you been? anything new going on with with you?
  5. hey how have you been? i have been VERY busy lately lol
  6. I'm good just post 2 poems I wrote onto here you should check em out
  7. o not much how about you???????????????????????????
  8. Hey how have you been anything new going on with chu?
  9. hellooooo howare you today?.? i'm jenny ^^ wanna be friends?.?
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