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  1. ok thanks i've got the perfect voice-over........ thingy ......^_^
  2. do what you feel comfortable doing as a maid and i'm not particulary sure what it can be
  3. got the lines thanks.but how is she supposed to sound?because i have many different voice qualities that i'm willing to try
  4. my email address is ([email protected]) and thanks i'll try and add him to my friends list
  5. not for a while my gmail account is all messed up i can't even access my account info sorry and skype is a blocked site for my computer.don't know why though.............haha
  6. sounds cool im pretty good at it tell me what to say and you got yourself an actor
  7. hope you got my google invite beymasta454................
  8. hold on i might have msn let me check,.....................
  9. well my McAfee Site Advisor won't let me install it soooo oh well i do have a google chat room though
  10. hold on for a few mins. my comp. needs to install skype updates
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