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  1. Well it's good you've got somebody who cares for you. ^^ And the stupid thing keeps freezing, dropping the internet. All kinds of minor annoyances lol.
  2. He is. He's a pretty good guy. ^_^ And uh oh, what's up with your computer?
  3. Well it sounds like he must be good for ya then. ^^ Always a plus. Sorry to hear about your stress, but glad it's nothing too bad. Nothing new with me really, just some minor issues with my computer lol.
  4. He's a sweetheart. ^_^ And things have been mostly good. Having a little stress, but other then that, nothing major. Anything new up with you?
  5. Must not. Oh well, he must have other uses. Have you been well since I last talked to you?
  6. I do say so. lol. And yeah, well, he ust never really payed attention I guess. lol.
  7. If you say so. ^^;;; Sounds like he really should have been able to notice something like both of you on this same site though. But you'd know him better than I would lol.
  8. He's not a moron. Lol. He just misses some things sometimes. lol. I love him anyway. ^_^;;;
  9. He doesn't sound all that smart... ^^;;; Are you sure your boyfriend isn't a moron? He musta been pretty blind.
  10. I told him, actually. lmao. I don't think he would have gotten it on his own. XD
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