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  1. hay, hay, what are you doing? how are you, what you doing this weekend?
  2. hello, whoo hoo *waves in ur face* whooo hoooooooooo! hellooooooooooo!
  3. do you live by yourself too?or with ur parents....................
  4. good night jacob see you tomarrow i gotta sleep safly in australia you know how dangrouse those lions hare.
  5. mmmmm. that looks yummy did you enjoy them? grilled cheese sandwitches are my favorite
  6. i wasnt eating i made some griled cheeses sandwiches now im going to eat
  7. oh your offline srry! i thought your where eating are ignoring me hehe srry!
  8. omg jacob are you eating again are ignoring my messages
  9. incorrect spelling i meant night the "G" key is not working on my keyboard very much
  10. haha so you had chiken for dinner thats what i had last niht it was good too.
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