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  1. It's ok, I used to be a slow reader too. I know what it feels like. lol. Only way is to read more.
  2. Im still reading it (im a slow reader T_T) lol , its really good
  3. So what do ya think about it? It is already started but feel free to jump in at any time. When ya make ur character u will already be approved lol
  4. Thank you i'll check it out now
  5. Hey why don't you join the RPG >>>I<<< made called The Demon Lands I wouldn't mind having you
  6. BTW ur lucky u weren't on my Friend list this morning, cause I spammed everyone with the Merry X-mas picture. It takes a ton of space.
  7. Im doing good lol. The RPG is getting rather interesting isn't it lol. Im reunited with Hanyougirl20 and now your there. We just ne Tauras and we got a great party right there <--Ya know I am one
  8. I'm good. how r u? by the way, merry christmas!!
  9. Hola How are you the fine christmas?
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