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  1. Its been ok but really boring just got my exam marks back and stuff, and yours??
  2. Sounds interesting, I should check it out. So how has your week been?
  3. Well its pretty nasty. Its basically about these people and when they die they go to this room and Gantz tells them if they pass the tests and stuff they get a second chance to live but the tests are horrible they have to like kill each other to move to the next stages. Its really sad and also has a very high age restriction
  4. I don't know, I haven't ever heard of it. What is it about?
  5. Awesome can't wait So what's your take on Gantz?
  6. The Full Metal Alchemist Episodes do come in english and as for other anime, I would suggest either Kekkaishi or Bleach.
  7. Any other awesome anime you think I should watch after I finish full metal alchemist and am I gonna be able to find the episodes in English or should I just read the manga?
  8. Alright. I've watching it for a while now and I know the ending. I wish it continued afterward though but all in all I loved it.
  9. it sounds really awesome, think i am gonna try it
  10. Just like the basic plot and what's so awesome about it
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