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  1. but well if there is something call me, i will come to rescue u ;D
  2. Yup...poor me :P hahaha I think I'll be able to manage...I'll survive
  3. haha well THAT is a problem poor klee but u will manage it
  4. Haha I wish...In my school its impossible to "skip class" its a fortress...there is NO WAY OUT
  5. yeah well but then it should not be that quiet

    yeah well that's a problem ;D skip the class
  6. Hahaha no the complete opposite...its just every1 is soo busy with school and stuff and the work is soo easy for me so I'm just flying through it
  7. ^^ well okey that is more difficult are u living in a village? well i'm living in one and here are so many old people or young families^^
  8. Hahaha lol no! School is awesome...I'm just bored in general...things are just too quiet
  9. late respond ;DDD well school stress -.- why? cause of school? when u are bored come online
  10. Heyy!! I am good and how are you?? Soooo bored these days
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