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  1. Hey koga, It's been a long time.. how are you and the misses?
  2. Well that's good.. I never really talked to her all that much but It's nice to know that she's doing okay. ^^
  3. lol

    How is Neves (I hope I spelled that right) Doing?
  4. -sighs- I know, I'm an odd one. >< But at least I'm odd in a good way... o_O it is in a good way though right?
  5. Yeah.. but taking a break will have its consequences just like going the way i'm going will have their consequences. It just depends on how you look at it.
  6. -sighs- i know it does but I don't like hurting people. Granted I don't like getting hurt but at the same time I'd rather me get hurt than them... This doesn't make any sense does it?
  7. mm.. I don't know. -sighs- I don't want to hurt his feelings or anything though.
  8. I have him blocked on almost everything, he's on my ignore list on here but that doesn't do anything, still tells me i have a comment from him on my profile and it bugs me unless I know what it says so i have to sign out go to my profile read what it says so it won't bother me and then sign back in. >< it's annoying. It's just.. it's like nothing I do will get him to leave me alone. O_o
  9. I keep telling him no but he doesn't listen to me. He never listens to me. ><
  10. >< Kind of.

    Exactly. I've had over 8 tharapists(or however it's spelled) and none of them worked. Rave keeps telling me to write a letter to Oprah. >< I'm all for helping me but unless I know that I will be taken out of my current house I can't act on anything because my parents will be pissed and my brothers will kill me. There are not if's or might's.. they will..
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