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  1. No not just you, This place is deader then Bush's brain. I as well noticed allot of people have gotten banned since i was on last. Not to mention to many froobs here when i check in and not allot being done to make AO better which i really hate.
  2. Man, is it me or is this place kinda dead. And a few of the ex clan mates got banned I see, lol.
  3. Oh dam right i will send you my email and pic i sooo been waiting for this ;D... After
    how long you leave a random message making fun of that lol ?

    Oh yes, Chocolate ~
  4. I would also like to know your email so I may send pic of me for you to know me. Plz send this to me in PM, along with pic of you. Let's do this.
  5. Damn you and your chocolate.Also,I can see why you loved the sig,Good lols
  6. Chocolate. Also, loved the quote, so I threw it on.
  7. You seriously need a new avy O.o, Also interesting sig lol
  8. Dude you need help, Lol whats sup ?
  9. Holly crap!? you got on, where have you been ?
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