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  1. Ufff. Koga you freaking nosy person. Just kidding(: Hey^^ How've you been? Still hiding? I bet you have.
  2. So they don't tell you? I got people...and those people...can tell you..and bug
  3. Na not the scoop, i find it comes in use some times when i know whats going on.
  4. LOL Oh so your in the scoop? Hahaha....what did you tell them? To buzz off?..I can think of another word besides buzz of XD
  5. Yes i have, I have my connections lol
  6. Oh yeah...Did anyone tell you the latest one? About Alucard? Well...according to them....Should I believe...
  7. The drama .
  8. ......You know all about what? o.O
  9. I know all about it iluv lol
  10. Yes I am ^^ You can be very slow XD J/k. Today is not my day....Hoping for a good day tomorrow XD With no I found out today in the morning..
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