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  1. I know that but sometimes you can be hurtful XD Which is not cool......I haven't seen Kuwi..v.v where is she!!!?
  2. Hahahahaha, aww comeon i am just messing with you :P
  3. Hmm...when you put it that way....No!!! I have BROWN hair so I am a Brunette Im not a blond and not expecting to be one..
  4. I said at heart and hey it is possible lol
  5. O.O...........How dare you kogs....I am not a blond!!!!
  6. Can it be !? your possibly blond at heart ? o.O
  7. *GASP* xD Im not on your friends list? V.V.......I will add you then Hahahahaha!!
  8. Answer my PMs damnit. Kogs your annoying sometimes...... Why can't you stick with answering stuff? o.O
  9. If your so bored can't you find something interesting Koga?? Like...idk....Watch TV?
  10. Nothing much really, just bored some what .
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