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  1. Koga kun! hey dude i signed up on mabi but i don't know where you guys are.
  2. hey kogs you seem to be very busy dude i don't see yah much online
  3. HI Mister Koga sorry havent been replying been busy with work as always misses you lots!!!!! hugs!
  4. Hey missed talking to you....... just dropped by Mister Koga lol ***********runs****ne Koga kun!pokes****
  5. Koga!!! lol i gues your sleeping ? well hope so hope you have a great weekend lol
  6. Ne koga! lol !!!!! were you able to get some sleep ?
  7. lol crazy koga !!!!!!!! lol lmao hope you did you do want to get better right?
  8. Ya i got some sleep, and now back for some more lol
  9. lol did you even sleep koga? lol
  10. Hmm .....
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