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  1. Afraid so dude.. so many as noob as you >.< it's frustrating...
  2. Good god, AO has been over run buy nubs o.o
  3. Just wanting to know how papa bear is doing

    >.< what do u mean special??!

    Where's divine_punishment anyway?? >.<
  4. Oh no hes the " special " kind of special.... You do know Ray you could always pm me and i would get around to answering you lol.
  5. *pokes a few times* *runs off* eee! a big bear that rapes dolls! @.@

    When u becomin a dad anyway?
  6. Lol kicking my arse would never bring me back to life, that is if i was dead... ^^ How you doing papa bear? I wonder how your cub is doing and of course say hi for me to your lover
  7. Hey you still alive poddle boy ??? or do i have to kick your arse back to life ?? XD
  8. O.o such persistant liar u are huh? Though,.. i wont give up for i know the truth!
  9. Na not really, SO ha ~!
  10. what did she say? o.O

    ehh... u are the addicted one.. i haven't watched porns for months... i bet u been staring at ecchi and hentai 24/7
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