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  1. From what Laura says that's you ray not me .
  2. xD Don't lie man.. U been drooling for them like,.. all the time? o.O gosh...
  3. Um no far from it ray .
  4. u still masturbated on porns!! dont lie now! and those ecchis are like.. ur life?
  5. You are a poodle, thus you hump every thing I am not i am as pure as pure can be .
  6. What u mean poodle! @.@ u 6 footed ecchi fan!

  7. The return of poodle boy !
  8. : / ehh.. same here.. i dont know where to post.. and what... and my rapist thread is working well..
  9. Na haven't been doing much lately,Oh well i should post more but damn o.O there is nothing good all noobs invading..
  10. good to hear that.. been doing anything lately?

    im good as well.. thx for asking

    No.. u are
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