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  1. I never knew i was popular here o.O, Lol
  2. ^^ Of course. You're popular!!! XD But yeah finally I can get on alot more and do more things!!! Awesome isn't it!
  3. Lol, i get online and every one says hi ?XD , Sup Renn ? and about time you can get on more :P
  4. Koga-san!!!!!! I haven't talked to u in forever. Guess what? I can be on at least everyday!!!
  5. ....Yeah that hard though. I have to get on somewhere and it not exactly easy since my school has blocked most of the websites i get on and i don't have a computer.....
  6. Lol, then try to get on more .
  7. Of course. People would wonder where i am!!!! I have many people i have to talk to online!!!! I get lonely too.....
  8. Ah that i can understand, but alt least your getting on when you can.
  9. ^^ I missed u geez i haven't talked to anyone for a really long time. It hard to get on anywhere since i started school
  10. Sup ??? tho its kinda hard to type .
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