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  1. Ya i hope i dont either . lol thats true but still no fun when your sick playing games to much pain ><
  2. Well I hope you don't stay depressed for too long.

    But look at this way.. at least you get to stay in bed all day and play games :P
  3. Eh just stuff, and yes it sucks i want to get better already.
  4. awww whats up?? I hope you get better. I know having the flu sucks!
  5. Sick at the moment with the flu , not to mention depressed for a few reasons.
  6. I'm well, hows you??????
  7. Hai Saz , how you been ?
  8. Not to much, Games, Sleep work around the house ect.. Nothing great really lol
  9. not too bad, working... playing on the Wii, sleeping and studying. Thats about it really, you?
  10. Sup Saz? how have you been ??
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