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  1. Good morning!
    How are you? My laptop crashed yesterday, luckily I was able to bring him back to life.
    Btw I've start reading "Number". I think I now understand why you like this manga so much.
  2. Why, your making friends quickly..
    ^^ and it is.. i think
  3. So you gonne see the finals. Hope you'll have fun. ^^
    Isn't baku near the caspian sea?
    Shopping mall, sounds good. If it's hot outside it's always cool inside the mall. XD
    For today I log off. It's after midnight in germany and I'm tired.
    I'll answer yourreply tomorrow. Good n8. ^^
  4. Hehe english pop,
    And I'm going for Eurovision ;3
    I'm going with my aunty and
    cousin! I hope it isn't hot..
    I wanna light my fire not be set
    on fire.. Is Baku in the middle east?
    .. I hope not xD, But then again they
    have malls.. so it can't be bad if you
    have shopping malls! Clearly..
  5. Does pop count J-Pop, too? Do you have any favorite bands?
    Isn't the evc in Baku, too? Do you want to see the finals?
    Are you going alone or with familie?
  6. Pop and Electro music
    generally, though I like
    any type of music
    except rock and what not xD
    I'm throwing away clothes and
    collecting clothes atm..
    ;D I'm going to Baku in May
    It's my first time going to
    another country, although
    I've been to Britain many times
    O.O my first time seeing the
    big world.. Hope I don't get
    robbed! DDDD!!
  7. I'm a girl. ^^
    Don't worry, I haven't told you before.
    Terrible memory? Sometimes I've got the same problem.
    I like rock music and 80's. But I also listen to some J-pop songs or Vocaloid. What music do you like?
  8. Are you a boy or girl?
    Haha.. If you've told me I've
    already forgotten ☼.☼..
    Sorry terrible memory! ;D
    What type of music do you like?
  9. Ah, so u have a twin brother. Do you have any other siblings besides your twin?
    I can't dance, so I would say it's a talent.
    Action, cute boys and blood? Sounds like a perfect manga for me.
  10. Somewhat, Me and my
    Twin Brother have been playing
    same amount of time. Though
    he plays flute and clarinet. My
    mother has been putting us in
    lessons since than ;3 I really
    have no talents or anything else
    other than musically, though you
    can count lyrical dancing as one
    And Number is really good.. i'd read it
    Action.. Cute boys.. Blood..
    NOM NOM >:]
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