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  1. I've heard about number, but haven't read it myself yet. The story sounds pretty interesting.
    Since age 3? Do you like playing violin and cello this much?
    I don't mind. If you use the entire page oder not. As long as I can read your message feel free to do what you want.
  2. Tsubaki-San who made Number i'm very proud of ^^
    She's a tease .. It's my favorite manga
    I can play the Violin and Cello but there not easy
    to learn.. I've been having lessons since age 3 xD
    Sorry that I don't take up the entire page
    I like to keep my comments and everything I do
    on one half of the paper or text box I don't know
    why but I don't feel right if I don't
  3. Yes, she has. We're both from germany. Haven't thought I would found someone from germany here.
    You play cello? Is it hard to learn? So it's a typical shoujo manga, right? Is there a manga you're proud of?
  4. Seems vishi has found a native friend..
    :P But yeah.. I read manga during my cello lessons
    and i can't really watch anime anymore no more time
    But countless manga xD :3 and The One is about a model
    and she falls in love and what not.. It's not something i'm
    proud of ☼.☼.. I have many more proudly achievements!
  5. I see. At first your profile pic reminded me of a character from Touhou Project.
    I've never heard from "The One" is it a good manga?
    Whoa, really? You've watched so many anime? Guess I still have a long way to go.
  6. I don't think my pic is from any series ^^
    It's a random one from zerochan
    But I like action/horror anime
    and sometimes romance but they have
    to have a original story line and stuff xD
    :3 I'm currently reading Number and The One
    And no anime.. i've watched over 300 and running out :S
  7. Thanks, I like your profile pic too. Which series is the character from?
    I like different kinds of anime and manga. Most of them are shounen but I also read shoujo. It depends on the story, I like series with a good story. At the moment I'm watching "Persona 4" and "Another". What kind of anime/manga do you like?
  8. Hi, My names Brai but you can call me
    Pandi, I love your profile pic ;D
    What kind of anime do you like?
    Do you like manga too?
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