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  1. Yeah I hate waiting I know of everything I am getting for christmas and I have to wait lol.
  2. nice, i hate that, i no wat im getting to but have to w8 till
  3. Yeah, same here I have a really bad temper but I learn to control it. OMG! My bf got me a promise ring for christmas! I have to wait till christmas to get it lol.
  4. cool,i dont think i would be able to do that....i have a bad, espicially wen i have to babysit my two neices.....
  5. Oh that's cool. When I finish school I am going to try to get a job to work at a daycare.
  6. thats wat im gonna do, my mom said that she knew a owner of a restuarant and i might be able to go there during summer, so i cant wait lol
  7. Yeah, I wish I had a good paying job. I help my dad out with his paper work when he needs it and he pays me by the hour. I am going to look for a full-time or part-time job when I graduate.
  8. yea, its just i dont get a lot of stuff that seems cool, bein poor really
  9. Yeah you can wish for something so much and want it so bad and not get it but its the thought that counts.
  10. many things, just not knowing if i can actually get them
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