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  1. OMG! That's awesome! lol. Well sounds like a fun time. I just really can't wait till Christmas! Anything your hoping to get?
  2. i will probably just do a bunch of snowball fights and random things XD
  3. I know 24 more days! I can't wait! I might stay with my bf the whole Christmas brake! ^_^
  4. it was pretty good, very busy lol, but now christmas is comin!!!!! wooo!!!!
  5. Oh that's cool. ^_^ awesome! So how was ur weekend / Thanksgiving?
  6. hi! not really sure what my favorite anime is...fantasyish stuff? like Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note to name a few. sure we could be firends
  7. Hello my name is Jenny how are you today? I'm 18 yrs old. So what kind of anime are you into? Well I hope to be friends?
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