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  1. umm okey what type do u want * pulls out a big bag of candy*
  2. ok i will willingly go only if i can get some candy
  3. thats it u go to the funny farm also!
  4. well fine i will have my pet attack u!!!! and u dont my u might wanna watch ur bac....heh heh
  5. heheheheheheheheheheheheeheheyhehehehehe i enjoy watching ur missery!
  6. well fine then.....ill just go cut myself instead. r u happy???!!! ur causing me slow and painful death!!!
  7. thats not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fine cry i dont care! ha! muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  8. ill try not to cry....if u dont call me zuccini!!!!! lol
  9. awww im so soory zucchini. please dont cry! i never ment it!
  10. ok.....i just try to message u and u insult me.,....-runs away crying- anyway in all seriousness thats good
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