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  1. fair enough, i could probably watch multiple different series but i dont really want to.
  2. I can only watch a few anime at the same time because if I watch a lot at the same time, I get confused at which ones I watched and which ones I didn't.
  3. well no. to be honest bleach is enough for the moment.
    but i do beleive that once ive watched enough bleach i will watch others. like naruto and death note.
  4. Yes, death note is very good. Do you have any other favorite anime?
  5. 15 xD
    ive been told that death note is good. never got round to watching it im trying to get through all the bleach atm..
  6. It's nice to meet you Kyle. I love bleach!!! My other favorites are Inuyasha, Naruto, Death Note, and Full Metal Alchemist. So how old are you? I'm 21.
  7. umm my fav anime has to be bleach atm xD
    oh also my names kyle
  8. Hello!!! My name is Angela. It's nice to meet you!!! What are your favorite anime?
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