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  1. Hey how have you been have anything plan for this weekend?
  2. Yeah! XD its just such crappy weather more like it lol. I hate the cold.
  3. The sun shows up sometimes over here too. Oh well, thats typical English weather for you xD
  4. Yeah, I know it makes the roads so icy and nasty to drive on. It isn't to bad over here the sun comes out every now and again so lol.
  5. I just hope it doesn't snow again soon, as it really makes travelling a pain in the ass
  6. Yeah, we have like 2inch so far I think. There is a little ice on the roads but its not to bad. The sun came out so some of the snow should melt. lol.
  7. Whoa, it snowed over there as well? Luckily, most of it's gone now, but theres still some ice left
  8. Oh cool. Yeah has been snowing here I think we only have 2 inch so far.
  9. Hopefully, I'm going out to meet my gf and possibly some other friends, depends on how bad the snow is :P
  10. I'm good thanks. I am just so happy the weekend is around the corner! I can't wait till school is over so the weekend can start! Any plans fore this weekend? I am just going to hangout with some friends!

    Oh really that's cool.
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