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  1. Sorry, but I don't watch Brotherhood anymore (I will start watching it again once I've finished Soul Eater and all the other Anime I need to finish), and since I'm from the UK rather then the US, I wouldn't have seen it since no anime airs over here other then kiddy stuff like Dinosaur King. Sorry again, but I have no idea who or what Jello is.
  2. im just woundering did you see the eps on sat. i missed it nd i wanted to know what happend. do u like jello?
  3. So do I, I haven't seen so much of it though, I have seen all of the other FMA though xD
  4. Jello! oh my good i love fma brother hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey, I'm Rob. And sure, if you want : )
  6. Jello! im chalea and whom r u may i ask? how r u? want to be friends.
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