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  1. Hey love ^^ Just wanted to say that I miss you a lot today XD you have been on my mind most of the day and that I love you very much, forever and always ^_^
  2. Nu! *Hugs you again* Nu~ Nu! ^^
    I'm loved by Kyle Eek!!!!! Nu! Nu! ^^ Yay! ^^
  3. *Hugs you back and kisses you*
    I love you too Michelle forever and always with all my heart no matter what happens ^^ love you love you love you XD
  4. Kyle Kun!!!! *Hugs you* Nu. Nu. I love you too. Nu. Nu. ^^
    I love you Kyle! I love you! Love you forever! Nu! Always and eternity! Nu! ^^
  5. Hey love thought I might leave you a random saying I love you very much ^^
    Love you Love you Love you Love you ^^ haha
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