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  1. YOU COULD HAVE LOL. Yet you didn't and it's fine if you wanted to show some love here. My profile can always us the love especially now...single life sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I know I could easily hop on Facebook and say "hi" to you but, I thought I'd show some love on your AO profile. ^_^
  3. Thanks for the father's day wishes! ^_^

    I tried adding you on Yahoo Messenger, I'm not sure if the request went through. It's good to hear you're doin' good and you went out to have a good time with your friends I haven't really had the opportunity to go out and have fun up until recently; thanks t the whole preparing for college deal. I did hang out with some friends last night though. We played Apples to Apples and had a bonfire. It was pretty cool. Anyway, drop me a line on Y!M some time. ^_^.
  4. So I went out and drank tonight with a few people it was awesome! I mean I'm not a real drinker but I just needed it so bad with all the shit going on in my life. So how are you doing? By the way my computer messed up last night so HAPPY FATHERS DAY!
  5. What's your Y!M user name? My computer is down, so I've been using my blackberry for internet/chatting and can't search by email, only attach usernames to email.
  6. That's a good question. I like talkin' to ya. When I get my service restored on my phone, I'll drop ya a line. ^_^
    In the mean time, do you use any I.M. services?
  7. You know I miss talking to you like we used! Those late night phone calls were the best! Why did we ever stop talking?
  8. I mean he's such an ass. I got us cell phones and believe it or not the cell phone saved my job. It also helped me get to my babysitters because I had no clue how to find it so now he's telling me either ditch the cell phone or he's gone. I'm like what the hell. I hate being treated like this. Though you should call me some time it's 937-251-5718
  9. Yeah, my dad's an alcoholic (and had a crack issue that I didn't learn about until he brought it to my face), so I know how that goes. I was thinking the same thing about being a good role model when I was trying to get in to treatment. I don't want my son growing up, making the same mistakes I did. That's the important part of parenting: Ya gotta give the kids what you didn't have and do your damn best to make sure they don't repeat anything that may be in the negative parts of your past.
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