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  1. I know and that is the bad part...he's just like his father and I doubt he will change...Really do I want my kids growing up like that? I want someone they can look up oldest is 19 months and he thinks hitting me is alright and funny...his father is teaching him that.
  2. If there's one thing I've learned in these last few months, it's that people won't change unless they seriously want to. I hope that he'll come around at some point, then I'm sure things between you and him will work out. But I know that you won't be able to *make* him change; he has to have a sincere want to commit to sobering up.

    I wish ya the best! ^_^
  3. Yeah I'm tryin to take care of myself. I'm deciding right now if I am going back to Florida or giving my relationship another try with Cameron. It's not looking so good. He's yet to change. I'm glad that everything is going great with you. I wish cameron would admit he had problems with drugs because maybe we would get along better then we do. Now he's turning 21 and there is going to be a real problem because if he doesn't have pot then he drinks and I try and stay out of his way and keep the boys as quiet as I can.
  4. Well, I got into a bit of trouble while drunk and wound up in jail. I can give ya the details later. At any rate, I decided that I have a problem with alcohol and drugs (mostly pot) and decided to put myself in treatment after about 1 1/2 months of goin' to AA and NA. It's goin' pretty well. ^_^

    It's good to hear your kids are doin' well, growin' up and learnin'. I'm glad that you're takin' care of yourself and gettin' caught up in your education. That's always a good thing. Keep in touch! ^_^
  5. What happened that you need recovery? Ohio is freezing it just snowed yesterday and that sucked. I'm ready to head back to Florida but I cant. I just finished my high school classes so now it all depends on my OGT scores if I can become a high school graduate. I'm excited you know it's 3 years from when I was supposed to graduate but I'm doin it them going to college. My boys are doing great they are constantly learning new things like my oldest knows how to oped drawers and pull out all the clothes or how to open buckets. He's trying to learn how to open doors. My youngest is learning how to crawl and now just the army crawl its so cute. He's cutting his first teeth and Micah has 12 teeth's amazing he eats steak like it's nothing. Well I hope to talk to ya soon.
  6. Hey! ^_^
    Long time, no speak. Things are goin' good, for the most part. The little guy is doin' fine, from what I understand. I haven't been able to see him for the last couple weeks, but he was good the last time I seen him. I'm hopin' to be able to see him before things get really busy for me again. I've been all about recovery this last 3 months, so I've been hella busy with meetings and groups and stuff. Anyhow, it's good to hear from ya. Hopefully I'll be able to talk to ya more often. ^_^
  7. Hey just thought I would stop by and see what of my friends were still here. I miss our chats on the phone they were great. You really are a great friend. So hows the little one doing?
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