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  1. At least you have two beautiful children out of it.
  2. I could be better. Cameron and I broke up after 3 years of being together and having 2 kids. Oh well it's his loss on how the kids r growing up.
  3. lol I wish I could be seeing other people, but he keeps causing problems with even friends... Anyway, how are you?
  4. So I got a divorce 2 years after getting married but we were seeing other people by 6 months.
  5. Because of my real name :P it means swan hope. And i'm getting a divorce less than 6 months after getting married... sad really.
  6. Why are you thinking about that? I know I don't know where to upload the photos I'm gonna find it though
  7. I'm considering getting a tribal like swan tatoo And I may be getting my marriage anulled...
  8. Yeah I just got another tattoo its my boys names and their birthdates...I'll post a pic in the gallery soon.
  9. It's going well. Just hate living with the in-laws. thinking about getting a tatoo.
  10. Well it hurt for a few days but then it quit. I actually like it now. So hows married life treating ya?
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