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  1. i will check them out when i go back there i just sent you a friend request there. i do that train game and that pioneering game and that 21 questions game
  2. You should join all my games then I am currently addicted to Flower Shop, Country Life, Country life lite, Island Paradise and Zombie Island.
  3. cool mine is chris harbin on there and i usually go there for the games lol
  4. I will have to check it out but my facebook is Leanna Megan Curry.
  5. yeah it has and i have a face book as well and your the only one i have talked to from when i first joined in a long time. and everyone that was banned or stopped coming here are on another site now they trunks and a few other mods from here made i dont go there myself but they all left went be bop sold AO to company. the sites link should be in trunks signature or one of the mods from here
  6. I'm barely ever on here I'm normally on Facebook or talking to my boyfriend over the phone. I've just come on to see if AO got back to it's old self but now I'm sure I just don't really wanna come back when I leave today. Most of the people I liked are now banned and it's kinda sad. None of my old friends are on here anymore and the site just isn't active like it used to be. It's gone to hell.
  7. im doing good jsut been trying to keep myself busy and i keep hoping AO will get back to how it used to be but it doenst look good with the new admin runing AO Be Bop sold us out in the middle of the site being worked on and now its never gonna be finished because of him. anyway i have jsut been here and there .

    and its cool you and your kids are doing good and maybe you will get used to Kentucky some day , i am glad to hear from you though maybe we could exchange emails or numbers if you want to try and stay in touch?
  8. Yeah it's been a while since we last talked. Things are going ok here but I moved to Kentucky about 5 months ago and trying to get used to it here. I have 2 kids now but enough about me how are you doing?
  9. hey there just through i would drop a random hey and hope things are going good
  10. things are sort of slow today hope your day is going faster
    talk to you later
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