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  1. Well the last time we talked was almost a year ago and I had just told you my feelings for you. I said if you didn't reply I would understand what it meant and I wouldn't bother you again.
  2. HI, what is up, by the way the last time we talked the next day I had to del. my facebook. So how have you been?
  3. Hey it's been a while how are you? I miss talking to you...I can say this freely now seeing as how Cam and I aren't together anymore. Happy belated birthday too!
  4. Ohio is so boring. So what are you up to this week? When are you going to update your myspace? You still have that you are planning on getting married soon from when we were dating.
  5. Oh My Gosh what is it with us lately!!! It's like anytime I'm on your not and when your on I'm not. Grrr I even waited today to talk to you. Well I just uploaded photos to my new Myspace page. Got tired of my father looking on my old page. He don't want to be in my life then he needs to stop spying on me. I'll try to be on tomorrow when you are. If not just call me. I'll text you in the morning if my phone is charged.
  6. I've been good so far. How about you, anything new going on with you?
  7. hey how are you? It's been forever! I miss you so much!
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