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  1. oh kk tell me when u are going to get on i just wanted to say hello
  2. about the way
    I'm from Algeria and Ican speak English why you can't speak arabic
  3. ok it's good idea thank's
    Idon't play it do you
    Idon't car about it
  4. hey why do you get on late just asking??? oh and i know some anime pic just go to google and put in naruto and henata or something like that will by. oh and on last thing do you play rune scape
  5. you too
    pleas can you find to me some anime picture I realy need it .
    but if you can
  6. kk i love you as a friend to!!!!!(^_^) you are a good friend
  7. Thanke you so much dear
    Ihope to be friends
    ok I'll tell you if Ineed help
  8. hey wats up you just signed. if you need help then tell me^_^!!!!!
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