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  1. hi, i'm back. how've you been? i've been eating ice cream. really good, or at least it was until i ate it. i'm not very good at starting conversations..........
  2. hi, i'm back.......................what's up???????????????????
  3. i had to check my gaiaonline account, that's why. but i didn't say anything back to you, so ya i really did go yesterday.
  4. ok, pooh bear. that's a little easier typing out than lambertpanda555555. i gtg, but i'll keep in touch, eh?
  5. how long does it take you to finish one of those?-----------------------
  6. that's cool. i only ever do pencil work. i'm not that great at colouring. i wanna see it when it's done. i haven't been drawing for a while, but when university starts up, i'll be bringing my sketchbook to my classes. it's the only way i ever get better.
  7. thank you. i've gotten a lot better over the past year. i like yours in the anime by me album. did you colour those?
  8. Okay, nevermind, I totally figured it out. It's funny what pushing buttons can do.
  9. ya, i'll be your friend. i'm not quite sure how to add friends 'cause i'm so technologically challenged (on occasion). you have lotsa friends; where'd you get 'em all?
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