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  1. Konnichi wa to you as well tomo LP555555 and welcome to my Kei fanfiction shrine. How do you like the stories. Xmas with the Dirty Pair is finished and Angel Wings- I just posted Ch 51 here and hope to have 52 soon. I'm shooting for a 60 chapter finish but who knows eh? Have ya read my Lovely Angel Kei 'faux' interview yet? I have about a million blogs now and two special anime personal websites. eons(anime-a-holics) and YG(Animeaholics1) At aah I maintain a twice monthly ComcastOnDemand TV anime viewers guide (Updated 1st and 15th) and anime is shrinking fast. What's your fave anime and why? Character and why? Villains? Heros? Weapons? May I invite you to visit as much as you wish. And welcome to ANOL my tomo watashi (very dear friend). Don't worry about your posts being so few. Before you know it you'll have so many you'll have to give away points! In exchange I got a great freestyle pix of my Angels from hightecdudu here and she even joined most of my clubs and blogs. What ff do you write? I may try and rework my first ff and get it published. On FaceBook my new friend from Transylvania (yup- same one Dracula's from) Gyorgi (think that's right) is a new writer and he's giving me his publisher's info. I just posted Ch 51 of Angel Wings here. Give it a gander and lemme know what ya think. Sayonara for now and Kami bless ya. Toodles- K&K (Keiman of Anime)- Brookhaven PA- USA


    I am self taught in Japanese and delight in all things Japaneseespecially their religion, ideologies, mythologies and history and customs. I am a self-taught golfer and computer user as well. My golf handicap is 5 and I have 13 'aces' (holes in one) to my credit after over 40 years of playing. I am 60 now but still feel like I am only your age- 15. By the way 15 is a fave age in anime: Kagome in InuYasha, Ichigo in Bleach, the kids in Code Geass, Haru the Rave Master, the Gurren Lagann gang, the Gundam Meisters, the Elric Bros of Fullmetal Alchemist- all are 15. Hey! I forgopt Naruto and Sasuke and Sakura! All 15. By the way pal where do you hang your hat? Well enjoy your summer and maybe we'll chat again soon. Sayonara which literally means 'until the next time we meet' and oh yeah 'sakura' means 'cherry blossoms' amongst other things. 'Night-K&K
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