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  1. i missed all of u guys on here it's like ur part of my anime family
  2. never sed i dident miss ya or is it the other way around that u missed me lol
  3. awwwwwwwwwwwww that's nice that u missed me i know u did u can't say that u didn't!
  4. ya u wher one of the people i talk to all the time
  5. r u glad i'm back?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????
  6. i don't know how to start a thread that well on here i got help..............................
  7. which was? did thay tell u? because thay told me lol which i thot was a dumb resun but owell lol o one thing how do u post threds lol if u culd just give me detal for detal pls lol ya i dont know how to post threds
  8. i started a thread on here and it got closed and i did something that should not have been done.
  9. lol u posted on a blank thred dident u lik www. then the site?
  10. i sleepy too. i went riding with my friends today and got in trouble on here.ooooooooopsies.
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