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  1. nm just laying in my bed online sleepy lol im always sleepy im like shikamaru lol in that way im mostly like the pervy sage tho)_) LOL but im no peping tom.....or am i mewhahahaha
  2. hi what's up???????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????
  3. still sore from getting a shot in the hip yesterday but i'm fine. thanks for asking. i bet sleeping in a tent is fun. i'm in kentuky now and wil be here for three weeks. this friday i go to s.c. to go to the beach for vacation and wont be on here for a while. but i'll miss all my friends on here and will be thinking of all of you.
  4. im good thank u for asking how are u ? i ended up sleeping in a tent last night lol it was fun
  5. hi who r u today neko nathaniel ???????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. treton butler county!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. ah cool so were in ohio do u live? im in springfield
  8. thats because i drew them on my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. .....thos dont look like thay wher drawn thay look like foto chop work lol
  10. i drew all of mine as well they are on my page if you would like to see them!
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