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  1. I see now...
    In any case, how has your day going so far?
  2. if u wanted to join. my friend thought i should ask any ways i really didn't want too.
  3. Idea for what, to ask if I wanted to join or for you to creat that group thing?
  4. that's fine it wasn't my idea any way..............................
  5. Thanks for the offer but no thanks, I don't really get my self involved in those things.
  6. do u want to join my adam lambert lover's group?
  7. yeah if they're really, really clumzy.
  8. I think they would poke their eyes reguardless if you had a mirror for them to use or not.
  9. i should and a mirro so they don't poke their eye out.
  10. I think you should bring two, just in case if they start to cry uncontrolably and then need to fix their face.
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