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  1. i'll keep that in mind and eyeliner if they run out.
  2. Well I hope you have fun and bring some napkins to wipe the blood off of you when they start cutting their wrists. :P
  3. i'm going this friday on vacation. meet some cute emo boy's hopefully.
  4. Yup, vacation time. Going to Devils Lake to relax and have a good time, and hope to meet a few nice girls there as well, of cores that would probably fall under the "have a good time" catagory.
  5. it's something. going on vacation?
  6. Well its something is it not? Any way not much is happening other then the fact I am going to Michigan on the 17th of this month.
  7. that's nice to know that your dog killed a rat yesterday.
  8. Getting ready to go to lunch... And my dog finely killed that big rat yesterday that was hideing in the palm tree in our back yard.
  9. yeah so what's new? i'm just putting my new MITCHEL MUSSO cd on my mp3 player.
  10. Same with my friends. Some times they get so frustrated with them that they don't go back to the apartment for several days and end up staying at a friends house, which kind of defeats the whole point of having an apartment in the first place.
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