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  1. yeah but most of the time i walk away from him............
  2. Sorry to hear that.
    I my self have been to Kentucky before, spent a month and a half there when I was visiting my ex, sorry to say I didn't care much for most of the people there, very hypocritical.
  3. yeah but i don't have to deal with him all the time it's only when i come down to kentuky for the summer and most of the time i let my anger get the best of me.
  4. I am the oldest and have two younger brothers so I know all about that way to well.
  5. mot much just watching my little cuz alex he's 6 years old and can be a brat at times !
  6. Sure thing.
    So whats up with you and everything like that?
  7. hi want to be friends w/ me please?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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