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  1. Sie stinken! Lol I don't know how accurate the Google translator is but I think you'll get the gist of my message =)
  2. ZULI! How's life been man?
    Heheh, I asked the same question last time huh? I dunno when the last time you've been on.. but I wanted to drop by and say hello, cause you were one of my great friends and stuff.
    Haha, yeahhh... Wanna talk sometime?
  3. Hey, How's life going?
  4. wow what supppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ... dude how's it going.. dam it's been 6 month since i been here almost a year, and yet nothing has change... a all good and am glad u are ok... i wont ad anymore my ps3 on here.. but red dead redention is great....lol.. i hope i ear from you sometime, maybe next year...hajhajhajhajahja.. see ya dude, and keep it going
  5. Hey There ! I got a group gonig up , want to join ?! It is a group for a game called "League Of Legends" aka LoL ! Im trying to get new players to join the battle with me , Gonan make a clan and mush more .

    League of Legends - Play For Free

    P.S Add Me As Friend And Join My Group To Make It Bigger !
  6. hajhajhajahja, dam anime online is not a free site anymore, my apologies...lol... freck that, i will post any crap i want, free will...lol.. so i think....jijijij. so dude how are you doing, i hope good, as for me. i been working like crazy, and i been on red dead redention like crazy, every day i come from work i turn on my ps3, after i cup cake with my girl of course...lol man im lagging on my computer, i hardly come to it anymore, work and ps3 is taking all my time.. i need to do something abut it.... am just wondering, when was the last time you where here. i know i was here like 2 weeks ago, i try on finding people who owns ps3 here, IT WAS AN EPIC FAIL... i will never post something like it on this site.. i hate being ignore...lol... dam, i sound like a little girl; crying on a forum...jijijijij... well dude time is up, am gonna go play red dead eye... is 9:17 am, monday 5/31/2010....lol.. is memorial day ova here!.... until next time razy panda midget lemon,,
  7. yah im the same as u i really dono what i want to do either i just want to be a manga righter
    oh my bf dumpted me and im going out with this new guy that my bestie online set me up with

    awwws anime is cool i havent watched one for a while but they are really fun and awesome as wells u should watch one soons itll cheer u up

    i watch both but i thing we lost the world cup unless that was jr world cup but yahs lol

    wow its that bad there ive hurd about it and they cancelled all the palnes cuz the ash will cause a reaction with the plan that will blow it up and stuff but what is it like there with all that going on?
  8. Schools better... I still don't like it DX
    Most things are good...and unless you call a lot of tag a fight then yeah...but other than that no fights...yet.
    Sadly enough no ones dead yet :P...just kidding.
    We wouldn't want anyone to die.
    And how have you been?
  9. dude it,s been long.. u crazy panda
    hello anime online people, it's been long since i been here, but am trying to make friends with people on PSN, if u own a ps3 and u r a HOME user, please add me and we can get together on HOME, maybe expand anime online on PSN network, who knows who you might meet there!,, my ID is ESPARTACOS1. i hope i see u guys there!
  10. lapislazuli you are Busy and I am busy too ...haha
    where were you...??Long Time My friend not see you here ,seem you are busy with the real life ,dosen't you....??
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