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  1. Hey Jamie ^^ Everything is ok, kinda... Ray has no computer, no internet, no money, so we don't get to talk much Only once a week. But it could be worse XD

    And how are you? ^^ What's up?
  2. Hello, It's been a while since i've talked to you and just wanted to know if everything was going alright..
  3. It's alright. ^^ Don't worry about it. I know why it happend so it's okay.. You guys love each other and i can't fault you for that.

    I'm sure it will. ^^
  4. ^^ I was more upset at the fact that you guys went behind my back.. I mean i knew he had feelings for you, that was easy to tell. If he would have just said "um, i hate to hurt you but i love laura and want to be with her..." I probaby wouldn't have been quite as um.. reasonable. Sure I would have been hurt but hey, loosing someone you love always hurts. ^^ I'm just glad he and you are both happy.

    Me? oh well um.. where do I start? Right now I'm in a relationship with Ketaro... It's summer so i'm out of school, I hide in my room all day long, even when my parents are here, My brother (oldest) says he loves me as more than a sister, my other brother (kevin) is engaged.. There's just a lot.
  5. I miss talking to you! ^^ How have you been, you seem so happy and so does Ray, i'm really happy for you guys. ^^
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