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  1. I'm going in 10 more minutes. ^^ Right now i'm talking to Ray and doing some stuff around AO- saying hi to some ppl, postin a lill something in some social groups and lill things like that ^^ Talking to you
  2. lol ! ok what you do now? XD , eh anyway talk to you later i guess if your going
  3. *purrs like a kitty* (ok, I'm getting hyper and odd, I should better go to sleep before I make trouble @.@ I think I already did tho)
  4. *Pets* I guess so lol
  5. I'm trying now... :P see? it's 1:40 am and I'm writing to you I'm a good gal ^^ pet me!
  6. Yup every thing is going very good,Aww so lazy ! XD then be unlazy
  7. Awww ^^ I'm sorry, I'm lazy and I find the PM system difficult you could get on on YM sometimes tho!!!

    Nothing much is up here, I'm just trying to study... what about you? everything ok? ^^
  8. Sup ?! What can't send me pm every now and then ? XD jkjk
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