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  1. yea, that did seem a bit emo, but i am actually most curious as to what its like. ah well. ill find out when my time comes.

    and that's certainly not my definition of cool. thats my definition of failure ahead of time XD
  2. Ummm O.o I have absolutely no idea what cool is, since I'm such a geek myself. Mostly called "cool" ar those people who are popular in school, party around and are "cool" in their attitude towards their life, their future and, the sadest of all, the people around them...

    And it was the post in the thread "Would you lengthen your life if it ment more suffering"
  3. emo? lol, not at all XD which post was that?

    and what is cool but your own definition?
  4. lol ^^ Cool is the last thing I am, but thank you for saying I am ^^ It's nice to hear

    You seem kinda emo? ^^ lol from your post in my thread... What kind of music do you like? ^^
  5. he didnt inspire me, i just thought you seemed cool XD
  6. Yah, that's what I ment ^^ a new person to me Ray is very nice, so I'm not surprised that you consider him your friend, he has lots of friends online...

    So I guess he inspired you to talk to me then? ^^
    Is there anything fun going on at your part of the world? I just came home from a shop, got myself a CSI game And now I guess I should call Ray lol
  7. lol, im good. i guess you could call me new since you havent met me yet, lol. but me and ray have been talking for a while. i guess i can consider him an ao friend.
  8. Uuuuu a new person O.o

    I'm fine today ^^ slept in and now am talking to Ray, though I should be studying for economics. And yes, we are doing fine ^^ thank you for asking.

    And how are you?
  9. hey there lasura. how are you today?

    i assume you and rayme are doing well?
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