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  1. Hello Peach! ^^ How are you? I have missed u!!!!

    It was kinda my idea- Gren came up with the overall theme "music", but there was a problem with the fact that people might just plagiaize, so I remembered how i wrote a poem from 4 lines of a song and suggested that approach ^^ I guess it is different from the previoud themes.
    I hope that it will "spruce things up" too ^^ And it is a good idea to get "fresh ideas" in (sounds kinda odd but ok XD) Maybe we should come up with similar approaches to poem writing, that would restrict the theme or the style of the poem more than previously. Writing good poems under pressure is where the real craft hides. XD
  2. This months POTM theme is quite unique! That was your idea? Well its quite refreashing! I hope to see a bunch of cool approaches this month. Thanks for the suggestion! ^^ POTM could sure use some fresh ideas to spruce things up.
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